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Electronic products in the battery more and more durable? El

People's Network Beijing June 23 (high dawn) countless electronic products filled with our modern life, especially some can carry electronic products, but also by people's favorite. But people in the use of electronic products will find that the battery will become more and more durable with the use of time. So what is the cause of the battery is not durable? How to extend the battery life cycle? Accordingly, the People's Network Science China interview with the Beijing University of Applied Sciences, Associate Professor Zhou Hongzhe and Capital Normal University secondary school physics senior teacher Wang Bangping to answer these doubts.

What is the working principle of the battery?

Want to use the electronic product in the absence of a charging environment, it must rely on the battery to provide support, then, how does the battery work? Wang Bangping introduced in modern technology, the battery is able to provide electricity, and portable, independent of the chemical system. The battery can be divided into a battery and a secondary battery, in which a battery is also called the non-rechargeable battery, it is in the battery chemical reaction, the chemical energy into electricity, a battery discharge led to permanent and irreversible battery changes; Also known as rechargeable battery, which uses the chemical reaction of the reversible, the chemical reaction into electricity, when the power is exhausted, can be charged by the charger, once again chemical reaction. Now most of the commonly used electronic products, most of the batteries are secondary batteries.


Why is the battery of electronic products more durable?


In the use of electronic products in the process, many people found that electronic products in the battery more and more durable, and this is why? According to Zhou Hongzhe introduction, we are currently using mobile phones and other electronic products in the battery are all chemical batteries, after repeated use, the battery electrolyte and metal plates will produce a chemical reaction between the surface of the metal plate will appear a layer Passivation layer, passivation layer will prevent the generation and adoption of current, so that the battery internal resistance increases, the battery can provide the power will be reduced, resulting in the battery capacity slowly decay, resulting in the battery more and more difficult The


In addition, Wang Bangping mobile phone battery as an example of the impact of battery life factors. Cell phone battery life and the type of battery and the number of charges related to the battery into the chemical energy, and then converted into chemical energy by the number of reversible reaction is limited, such as nickel-metal hydride batteries can be charged 500 times, lithium batteries can be Charges 300 to 500 times. The end of the battery to use the end of each reversible reaction time will be longer, the longer the charging time, the battery will become increasingly durable.


How to extend the battery life cycle?


In daily life, how should we use the battery correctly, to extend the battery life cycle? Zhou Hongzhe introduction, the use of different batteries are not the same, and now the use of electronic products is more lithium batteries, and everyone in the use of lithium batteries, it is best not to exhaust the battery in the recharge, because it will make the battery The chemical activity of the decline, shorten the battery life. So in the usual use of electronic products, the general electronic products should be more than 30% of the electricity when the charge, which is a more effective way to extend the battery life cycle.


Wang Bangping added that you want to extend the battery life cycle, you can also refer to the following ways:


1, the correct charge. The number of times of charging is closely related to battery life, and some auxiliary software can be used to manage the battery or to extend the battery life with multiple microcharges.


2, try to use the original charger and data cable, or use the original charger and data cable in the output power to match the charging device.


3, to avoid the battery temperature is too high. Such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and other electronic products when the body overheating, regardless of whether the use of electronic products in the battery will be quickly depleted.


Experts interviewed: Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Beijing University of Technology, Zhou Hongzhe, Wang Bangping, a senior middle school physics teacher attached to Capital Normal University

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